Afflare Films is dedicated to the art of record. We believe it is vitally important to document our living history and preserve it for future generations. We aim to record, educate, entertain, communicate history, business and culture to the public.

One of the most effective ways to communicate, is to visually capture your message and your vision. This is the only way that reality and actuality can be witnessed and experienced again in its original and pure form. You are otherwise left with only meeting notes, reenactments or memories of what transpired. In business and in our personal lives there is always something to be captured and remembered.

Masterworks Museum of Art
Willis Re
Albourne Insurance
Bermuda Department of Tourism
The Bermuda National Gallery
St. Peter’s Church
Bermuda Department of Tourism
St. George’s Foundation
Coalition for the Protection of Children
Conscious Vibes
Experience Bermuda
Raleigh International

Lucinda Spurling: Director/Producer
Lucinda Spurling has over 10 years of experience in the film industry. After studying communications and working as a journalist, she obtained her Masters in Film and Television (with distinction) from Bristol University (Bristol, U.K.). She is a seasoned producer and editor, whose work has been shown at international film festivals and broadcast on numerous television networks. During her training and experience in the UK and the United States, she fulfilled the roles of editor, creator, writer, director, producer and videographer on a variety of different film projects. Due to her background she is among the most versatile talents in film production in Bermuda. Although she specializes in documentary film production she has a diverse portfolio complete with award winning works.

If you would like your donation to qualify for charity or 501C status please email me and that can be set up directly through our charity partner. afflarefilms@mac.com

Lucinda Spurling

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