The Lion and the Mouse
2009 A docudrama three part mini series. Narrated by Michael Douglas.

The Lion and the Mouse looks back at the birth of America and the deciding confl icts and characters that have shaped the last four centuries as the intriguing relationship between Bermuda and America has evolved. Caught up in a succession of wars between the continents Bermuda found itself on both sides of the mid Atlantic gauntlet. Isolated by location, the island embodied the necessary reinvention and adaptability, to prosper in a changing Atlantic world, from saving the colonialists of Jamestown, robbing the British armory on the island and smuggling all of the gunpowder to George Washington’s evolutionary army, to launching the fl eet that burned Washington in the War of 1812, running the Union blockade in the Civil War, or on the other side, as soldiers fighting for “Glory.” Right or wrong Bermuda has played an instrumental role in the history of the American States, continuing through two World Wars and the Cold War, where Bermuda evolved from a hotbed of counter espionage, into the frontline of US coastal defense. As a nexus in the Atlantic, Bermuda provided the United States with the strategic lynch pin in defense of its interests. Mercurial, treasonous, and unprincipled possessing all the wiles of a small dependent nation, Bermuda was able to adapt its mid-Atlantic location to both military and trade pursuits and to overcome insignifi cance in size, and vulnerability to become the place, that U.S. President William Howard Taft was to immortalize in his now famous words; “Never in global history has such a small country played such a large role in International Affairs.” The moral of the story is that “ Little friends can make great friends”.

Rare Bird
Broadcast Nationally in the USA on PBS 2006

Imagine finding a pterodactyl alive and nesting on an obscure island. Rare Bird is the true story of a 15-year-old boy who helped and a bird believed extinct for over 300 years and solve the mystery of its existence. Like the myth of the phoenix, the Cahow bird is resurrected on the island paradise of Bermuda at the dawn of its development, a ghost bird returning to teach humanity an important lesson in perseverance. Threatened by manmade development, invasive species, and the pesticide DDT, the Cahow has been on the brink of extinction for over 4 centuries. This against all odds story about a man, a ghost bird and a struggle for survival takes a dramatic turn, when the bird faces a greater threat: global warming. Ravaged by a recent hurricane what will David and his successor Jeremy do to save the species once again from oblivion? Rare Bird is their tale of hope, inspiration and commitment to the future of all species. This true story is both a miracle and a mystery, and will keep you riveted as the destiny of an “extinct” species plays out in a race against time.

The Queen of Bermuda
30min 2009

A living history film documenting the 1920’s-1960’s “golden age” of travel on ocean liners through the experiences, memories and tales of the young black and white Bermudians who travelled all over the world on the Queen as staff. Enjoy their reminiscences of a bygone era, when young Bermudians travelled to New York, Cuba and England in an era where travelling was an exclusive leisure pursuit, unattainable for most young people. Complete with beautiful archive photographs and film footage of the Queen in all her majesty.

400 Years of Art and Artefact
30min 2009

A 30min documentary made for the Bermuda National Gallery and the Bermuda National Trust, about the 400 years of evolving artforms and artefact over Bermuda’s history. This film animates the evolution of art through four periods of growth, Discovery and Colonization, Expansion and Fragmentation, Prosperity and Disillusionment, Muticulturalism and Globalisation.

Parkers Hill,
45min 2008- Broadcast on CITV

A “living history” documentary for Masterworks about Parker’s Hill an old neighborhood in the capitol city of Hamilton Bermuda, which was demolished to make way for a parking lot many decades ago. The film is a collection of conversations with families who grew up there as children, and of the old way of  life, without electricity, and living in a community within a city, a way of life which has largely disappeared.

St Peter’s Church
30min 2010

A 30 min documentary about Bermuda’s oldest landmark, and the crown jewel in the UNESCO world heritage site of St. George’s Bermuda. The oldest continuously operating Anglican church in the new world, will celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2012. The church has been the corner stone of the community for four centuries but has many secrets including secret chambers underneath the floor that hold many preserved tombs from long ago, and the recently discovered body of the Revolutionary war era governor under the floor boards. There is much to know and learn about St. Peter’s Church.

St David’s An Island Near Bermuda
71min 2004. Broadcast ZBM 2004. BIFF (Bermuda International Film Festival) 2004

Only in St. David’s would the locals get away with using dynamite to blow up fish! Let ‘Buster”, “Honkey,” “Burp” and friends entertain and educate you in this full length documentary capturing the oral history, way of life, and craftsmanship of St. David’s Islanders. A living history project, this film captures the experiences, memories, and cultural heritage of the “Mohawks.” From traditional recipes to fishing techniques to stories from Bermuda’s whaling days, St. David’s: An Island Near Bermuda is the first film to document this unique part of Bermuda and share a history that would otherwise be untold.

Bermuda’s Defence Heritage
45min Broadcast 2002 Bermuda Martime Museum

This film is an integral part of the Maritime Museum’s defence exhibition. It premiered at the opening ribbon cutting ceremony of the exhibition and continuously runs at the Maritime Museum today. It is a historical documentary that focuses on Bermuda’s strategic and important role and sacrifice in the world wars of the last century. Aired several times on VSB, the film is one of Bermuda’s first historical video documentaries, that commemorates the role that Bermuda and Bermudians played in world conflicts. The video is the first historical record that documents the personal histories of Bermuda’s war veterans.

The Light That Followed
11min 2000 BIFF 2002  Documentary award at York Film Festival 2001

On May 29th 1946, at the Odeon Cinema in Bristol an invisible and undiscovered killer shot Parrington Jackson once through the temple. There were six shots in the cinema that night; five were from the 6.30 showing of the film The Light thatfailed. No one heard the sixth. It seems that the clever murderer timed the fatal bullet to coincide with the fictional gunshots, killing the cinema manager with an eerie premeditation. No one will ever know who killed Parrington; the mystery will never be solved, but those who visit and work in the Odeon Cinema cannot quite forget what happened on that evening in May 1946.......

In today’s fast paced digital world, multimedia is a necessity for businesses.

Afflare Films is a new resource for Bermuda, providing innovative media services that empower and advance business operations. We offer a range of video production services for both corporate and personal event markets.

Afflare films video production services can be utilized in many different ways. From recording an annual board meeting to broadcast on your website, to documenting evidence for insurance claims, to making a promotional video, commercial or corporate training video, to preserving/duplicating your home videos – the services provided by Afflare Films are multipurpose in application and can be of wide-ranging benefit for businesses and individuals alike.

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Willis Re- Presentations
Filmed a series of 3-5 minute presentations, presented by CEO James Kent. The filmed presentations were edited and formatted for worldwide email distribution. This proved to be a great time- saving tool ideal for pitching new clients around the world. Why travel? Let video do it for you.

Albourne Insurance
Bermuda Reinsurance Industry- This 18 minute video offers a perspective on the current Bermuda reinsurance industry. It explains new trends and research in the property/catastrophe insurance market and also includes on camera interviews with Michael Hamer, Dr. Tony Knapp (Head of BIOS and the Risk Prediction Initiative), and Jay Nichols, Senior VP of Ren Re. This 18 minute video serves as an informative and educational tool as well as a marketing tool to be by existing and potential clients.

Use video as a creative tool for effectively explaining your business environment to prospective clientele.

Coalition for the Protection of Children- Peer Mediation Video
A 30 min drama about a typical high school conflict between two students, which escalates and has to be solved by peer mediators who teach the teens how to resolve their problems before they become out of hand. For use in schools as a teaching tool in conflict mediation.

Experience Bermuda 2009 – Filmed a series of 60 second pieces on Bermuda’s businesses, restaurants and hotels with a tourist clientele to be used for promotion on tourist kiosks and on the web.

Conscious Vibes: Commercial
A Television and Radio commercial to help launch a new business, a shop selling Fair Trade merchandise.

Bermuda Festival
A series of 30 second television ads to promote the line up of acts for the Bermuda Festival.

Oleander Cycles - 30 second TV Commercials
Directed & produced two 30 second TV commercials for Oleander Cycles. Both TV commercials included the incorporation of special visual & sound effects, static & dynamic graphics and motion footage.

Effectively market your business with professionally produced, high quality TV commercials.

United Insurance Company: Business Operations Video Series: 2002
Three videos distributed to United Insurance Company clients. The first explains the intricacies of an American company domiciled in Bermuda, subject to Bermuda’s insurance regulation. The second explains the particulars of the strike insurance and employee related practice liability insurance programs that the company offers to their clients. The third video in the series details a new marketing incentive program.

Works and Engineering: Berkeley construction site documentation: 2005
Authored a DVD composed of chapters containing footage of the progress of the Berkely school construction site. Bulk duplication of the DVD for the purposes of distribution and possible litigation.

Bermuda National Gallery: Prayers in the Wind: 2003
A day to day documentary account of the development and fruition of Bermuda’s first piece of public art: Prayers in the Wind. The collection of cloth prayers written and designed by school students and adults hung en masse in the portico of the city hall for four months in 2003. The film helped to document the extensive production, preparation and public involvement that went into the making of this community art project (a behind the scenes documentary.) It also served to preserve the exhibition after the actual installation was dismantled.

Bermuda National Gallery: Exhibition Records: 2003
Video records of the Ideal collection, a temporary exhibition at the Bermuda National Gallery. The purpose of this film was to document and preserve the exhibition so it would be on record after the exhibit was taken down.

St. George’s Foundation: A Walking Tour through Old St. Georges: 2004/2009
Narrated by local historian Lance Fubert, this 15min film takes the viewer on a tour through the quiet streets of old St. George’s and by more than 30 of the most historic buildings in the town which was recently named a World Heritage Site. These sites include St. Peter’s Church, the State House, Somers Garden, Pilot Darrel’s House and the Queens Warehouse used during the age of blockade running. The film has been a successful tool for the foundation in their fundraising efforts to turn the Queen’s warehouse into a Visitors center and museum.

Bermuda Maritime Museum: Introductory Video: 2003
Complete with aerial footage this video runs all day long at the Maritime Museum to educate visitors about Bermuda and to orientate them to Bermuda’s largest museum and grounds. It is also used to advertise the museum in Bermuda and abroad. Additionally the video is an instrumental tool for Museum fundraising.

Westpoint – A Family Home To Be Remembered: 2004
A memoir film about Westpoint, a historic Bermudian homestead built in 1711 that was due to be torn down. Home to many generations of the West family, Westpoint was full of memories that the family wanted to preserve on video before it was demolished. The film takes you through the empty halls, rooms and surrounding grounds that come to life through the family commentary, interviews and narrations. The story of life at Westpoint is told in this memoir film that is filled with memories of six children who grew up within the walls of Westpoint.

Bermuda Brickyard: 2003-4
Weekly video footage recording the electrical and plumbing designs as well as the structural development of renovations on the historic old Devonshire post office for the purposes of reference by the owner.


The Lion and the Mouse is available at Animal and Garden House, Leisure Time, Pulp and Circumstance, A.S. Cooper’s, Tucker’s Point Hotel, Robertson’s, The Book Cellar, Bookmart, and the Aquarium.

Rare Bird is available at Animal and Garden House, The BUEI gift shop, The Aquarium, and Leisure time, or directly from Lucinda Spurling at afflarefilms@mac.com

St. David’s An Island Near Bermuda is currently available at Carter House in St. David’s, the BUEI gift shop and Animal and Garden House
DVD’s may be purchased for $35. Every dollar goes toward the operation of Carter House.

Carter House is open April through October Tues- Thurs. and Saturday from 10-4 and from October through April only on Saturday from 10-4.

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