Sony V1U HDV Camera with attachable 60 gb harddrive
Canon XL1S camera with XLR adaptor
Astroscope-night vision lens with infared flood light
Nikon D40x stills camera with assortment of lenses.
Sony Lipstick camera and DV deck/recorder
Super 8 film camera with timelapse function
Basic lighting kit: One 1K with soft box, 2 650k, 2 150ks
Glidecam (steadicam)
Audiotechnica Boom Microphone and Boom pole
2 Wireless Sanyo lavalier microphones
ME66 on board camera microphone
Rain gear for cameras
3M XGA Portable Projector
Microdolly Jib Arm. Comes with boom extension, underslung camera plate, weight bags. For crane shots to add flare to your production.

Edit Suite:
Final Cut HD suite editing with 10 TB storage
Music Library
Scanner: Microtek Scanmaker 9800 XL
DVD recorder

Additional software:
Adobe Photoshop CS
Magic Bullet
Boris FX
Boris Graffetti
Live Type DVD Studio Pro

Lucinda Spurling
Afflare Films
P.O. Box GE 60
Bermuda GE02
Tel: 441-297-5451
Cel: 441-799-7770
Fax: 441-297-0329
Email: afflarefilms@mac.com

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