Documentary Film Production
(E.G. historical, cultural, persuasive, educational)

Drama Production
(E.G. casting, rehearsals, filming and editing dramas for docudramas, fiction films, instructional videos, crime reenactment videos etc)

Promotional Marketing Video Production
(E.G. retail, tourism, events, incentive programs)

Corporate Video Production
(E.G. training, introductory, event. Seminar, presentation)

Instructional Video Production
(E.G. safety, educational)

Video Records
(E.G. architectural sites, insurance claims, legal claims, conferences, ceremonies, speeches, exhibitions)

(E.G. television broadcast, web, retail window display)

Special Event Video Production
(E. G. weddings, confirmation, charity event, theatre performances, sporting events/matches)

(E.G. nonlinear editing, titles, animation and photography)

Audio-only recordings

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