The backbone of our work at Afflare Films is producing independent documentary films which contribute to society. We are currently working on four different projects in development. We would not be able to start, continue or finish our projects without the financial support of our sponsors. Our sponsors have been very generous and we are happy to have their support and confidence in our product. Please take the time to recognize the following foundations, companies and individuals who have contributed to our films.


Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Bible
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spurling
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Kit Astwood
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hayward
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dill
Mrs. Janet Outerbridge
Mr. Arthur Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Chesley White
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cooper
Stephanie Henderson Wernbo
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mowbray
Mr. Jim Butterfield
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Arton
Mrs. Jean Conyers
Sir John and Lady Swan
Susan Parker
John and Fay Bush
Tom and Joy Richardson
Idal Wyn and Betsey Hughes
Paul and Jenny O’Connor
Geroge B and Larita J Alford
Jerome and Betty Hollis
Roger, Gillian and Maisie Farge
The Ian and Felicite Davidson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lovett
Ms. Robin Mayor
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Spiering
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen West
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Knudsen
Ms. Joy Lusher
Mr. and Mrs John Berg
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Wadson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sims
Mr. and Mrs. John berg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winchell
Mrs. Margot Cooper
Mr. and MRs. Roger Sheratt
Ms. Carol Faires
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John Fuge
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Couper
Mrs. Toni Besselaar
Mr. Joesph Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Haycock
Mr. and Mrs. James Hindess
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Sickling
Ms. Janet Watlington
Ms. Robin Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pearman
Ms. Keren Lomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith
Mr. and Mr.s Bill Zuill
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fergueson
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Fulton
Mr and Mrs. Bob Lee
Mr. and Mrs Miles Outerbridge
Ms. Joy Lusher
Ms. Carol West
Jonathan Young
Sheldon Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Young

If you would like your donation to qualify for charity or 501C status please email me and that can be set up directly through our charity partner. afflarefilms@mac.com

Lucinda Spurling

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